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Pretty good!

I enjoyed the music and animation style. The only thing it lacked to me was sound effects to make the story come to life a little bit more - birds chirping, flying sounds, the bird knocking, etc. Maybe consider adding some sounds effects and it would be great!

Galiant responds:

I agree! I'm however horrible at optimizing (I have no idea how) and adding anything else at this point would put me well over the 10 MB limit! I'll try and learn a bit about optimization yeah? ^^

Thanks =)

The funniest part was before the credits...

The rest just wasn't funny at all.

The music was good!

The animations were okay... The storyline was a little boring. I think it is because there were no words. I normally like subtitles, but not in a flash animation... I agree with everyone else, keep improving your drawing skills! Good luck in your class!

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What happens at stage 8?

It only shows one block in the upper left corner - reset level does nothing. The game is okay.

MrNannings responds:

All buttons are fixed. Im making more levels right now:) Thanks for your comment!

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Its alright. I can listen comfortably until around 1:26. I think the change at 1:39 should've happened a couple measures/loops earlier than it did. Ehh, and then after that it doesn't really change much. Its a decent kind of track, but even minimalist songs should have more build-ups than this. You just do it subtly, and layer things. Maybe you could add some type of eerie choir or something. I'm not trying to bash your track, just give you some advice. The intro sounded cool.

Pretty cool stuff. The drums come in almost too late. Right at around 1:47 I was SO tired of hearing the same thing, but the drums added some more interest. I almost lose interest again until 2:53. Man, you really tread the line between being boring and awesome. Once I crossed the 2:53 mark it all sounds good though. Around 4:36 I'm really digging this. Nice one, dude. The latter half of the song was really a treat!

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

Great review. I really really appreciate you taking some time to hit me some comments. It's a slow builder. I've been working at more ambient tones in my work lately. I tried to fill the beginning with various interesting bits woven in. I may have to turn the light guitar up some, give it more presence within all that crushed guitar noise. Glad you dug the latter segment - It's a a sharp turn of direction from the beginning - seems like a lot of my work has been like that lately.

Nice, man! Pretty enjoyable groove. My only complaint is that the bass is not nearly as deep nor as funky as it should be for a killer tune like this!

stackz989 responds:

Thanks for the review man.

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Looks good man!

I like it!

JoNoGo responds:


I can't vote on any of your newest pixel art...

It all looks very good, though! Your older, non-digital art is cool too, like the landscapes you drew for game concepts! You should try some making some paintings again!

This is very beautiful!

I really like the colors, subject, and the way you drew this! I recommended you for the art portal!

I make electronic music. I also play drums and bass.

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